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NHS Trust urgent application

20 Oct 2021

A very recent case is of interest where an NHS Trust applied to a Judge in the early hours of the morning for an urgent order so that blood tests and treatment be provided (there was concern about a significant risk of liver failure) for a 16 year... Read more

Transparency v The Privacy of the Child

02 Apr 2021

The Court of Appeal has just handed down its decision in Re M in which a freelance journalist sought access to the case papers for a complex set of care/placement order proceedings. Lady Justice King dismisses the appeal by the journalist against... Read more

Court of Appeal Guidance on Domestic Abuse and Findings of Fact

02 Apr 2021

From 19 to 21 January 2021, the Court of Appeal heard four conjoined appeals in relation to finding of fact hearings in private law cases where domestic abuse was raised as an issue. There were several interveners, including the ALC.  On 30 March... Read more

The 1996 Hague Convention

New guidance for local authorities to deal with cross-border child protection cases

09 Jan 2021

On 6 January 2020 the DfE issued new guidance for local authorities to deal with cross-border child protection cases. The new guidance is required because, for countries in the EU, these issues would previously have been dealt with under a European... Read more

Family Justice Board statement on priorities in family justice

14 Dec 2020

The Family Justice Board statement on priorities for the family justice system. This sets out the planned priorities to deal with the backlog of cases which we now face as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.   Download the statement... Read more

Nagalro Guidance to Members during the November 2020 Lockdown

06 Nov 2020

Please click on this link to download the Guidance. Read more

Message from the Lord Chief Justice and senior President of Tribunals re new Covid-19 restrictions for England

02 Nov 2020

To read the message please click on this link   Read more

Court of Appeal decision about how to approach parents having contact with children during the COVID-19 pandemic

15 Aug 2020

The Court of Appeal handed down its decision in Re D-S (Children) which explains how we should approach decisions around contact between parents and children who are subject to interim care orders.  To read full judgment Re D-S (Contact with... Read more

Multi-agency statutory guidance on female genital mutilation

30 Jul 2020

This statutory guidance is being issued by the Government under section 5C(1) of the Female Genital Mutilation Act 20031 and extends to England and Wales only. Section 5C(1) states   Click here to download the guidance Read more

The Family Court and Covid-19 - The Road Ahead

09 Jun 2020

From the Office of the the President of the Family courts. This document seeks to establish a broad framework for the Family Court by attempting to chart the road ahead over the next six months or... Read more

FLBA Video Conferencing Guide CVP

05 Jun 2020

The FLBA have produced this guide for advocates using the new Cloud Video Platform (‘CVP’) for video hearings. This information will help those who are asked to give evidence at a remote hearing using this particular platform.  CVP is an online... Read more

Nagalro seeks guidance specifically for ISWs on how to work safely during the pandemic

27 Apr 2020

On 3 April 2020 Nagalro wrote to the President of the Family Division, Sir Andrew McFarlane, asking for guidance specifically for Independent Social Workers on how to balance honouring their obligations to the courts and work within restrictions to... Read more

Re P (A child: Remote Hearing) Approved Judgment

22 Apr 2020

A judgment from the President on the issue of when there should and should not be video hearings.  Click here to download document. Read more

Covid-19: Update from Nagalro

Check government guidance regularly

23 Mar 2020

Covid-19 The Covid-19 outbreak imposes very significant challenges for all of us.  Nagalro members including ISWs, Children’s Guardians and Family Court Advisers carry out extremely important work often under challenging circumstances.  However,... Read more

Practice Direction 27a – Family Proceedings: court bundles

31 Jul 2018 31 July 2018 Read more

President’s Guidance: Listing Final Hearings in Adoption cases

20 Apr 2018 10 April 2018 Read more

Transparency Project: s20 Practice Guidance

02 Feb 2016

This guide is about making decisions to use s.20 and how it should be done.  It is not a legal document. Download here Read more

HHJ Bellamy Practice Guide: the use of Section 20 of the Children Act

01 Feb 2016

HHJ Bellamy Practice Guide: the use of Section 20 of the Children Act Download article here February 2016 Read more