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FLBA Video Conferencing Guide CVP

FLBA Video Conferencing Guide CVP

05 June 2020 (Last updated: 19 Jun 2020 16:13)

The FLBA have produced this guide for advocates using the new Cloud Video Platform (‘CVP’) for video hearings. This information will help those who are asked to give evidence at a remote hearing using this particular platform. 

CVP is an online video conferencing platform provided by HMCTS. It is a forerunner to a more comprehensive video hearing platform that was in development by HMCTS before the Covid-19 pandemic. HMCTS released CVP on an urgent basis to provide a preferred video hearing platform while access to physical courts rooms was prohibited/restricted. It is an alternative to Skype for Business [SFB], Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Lifesize. CVP is, alongside Skype for Business, preferred for use, although under the terms of the Remote Family Court Protocol it is the case management judge who decides what platform is to be used. CVP is accessible to Judges from their HMCTS laptops. It is secure and
GDPR compliant.

To download the FLBA video conferencing guide click here