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Who we are

Council Members & Service Providers

Duties and Responsibilities of the Council and the Officers

Officers and Council members of Nagalro take part in many other social work related activities, aside from their work as Children's Guardians, ISWs, family placement specialists, therapists etc.

Being a Council member may inform or enhance these other roles and vice versa. However, when a member has a personal interest in an activity in which Nagalro has a current role which is not related to their official Nagalro role, it is essential that the Council is informed and that no approaches are made to another organisation which could represent a conflict of interest either for the member or for Nagalro. Such personal interests, which may involve research, consultation or training, should be advised to the Council prior to any outside undertaking.

Nagalro Officers

Sukhchandan Pal Kaur - Chair


Independent Reviewing Officer and Social Worker

Julia Isikwe Hughes - Secretary

Children's Guardian and Independent Social Worker

Kathy Butcher - Treasurer 


Nagalro Council members:

  • Sam Baeza - University Lecturer and Independent Social Worker

  • Pete Bentley - Independent Social Worker

  • Paul Pennington-Wilson - Children's Guardian (NYAS)

  • Sarah Saunders - Independent Social Worker

  • Carole Littlechild - Independent Social Worker and Adoption advisor

  • Fiona Wallace - Independent Social Worker and professional artist

  • Yvonne Wilson, Children's Guardian and Independent Social Worker 


Service Providers:

  • Editor of Seen and Heard: Rodney Noon

  • Principal Administrator:  Karen Harris

  • Policy Consultant:  Judith Timms OBE


Editorial Board:

  • Sam Baeza, Nagalro Council member, Senior Lecturer, University of Chichester and Independent Social Worker

  • Pete Bentley, Nagalro Policy Officer and Independent Social Worker

  • Karen Harris, Principal Administrator

  • Sukchandan Kaur, Chair of Nagalro, Safeguarding Review Manager and Independent Social Worker

  • Paul Pennington-Wilson, Nagalro Council member and Children’s Guardian