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Savinder Bhogal


I have considerable experience in children and family work and assessments. I fully understand different cultures within Asian families and have the advantage of speaking the most common languages spoken by these families. Focus of my work is always in the child’s best interest, placement within the family or extended family. I have undertaken assessments of extended families locally and abroad. I can undertake the training of prospective foster/adoption carer and pre – post placement work with children

Patricia Barry-Relph


I am Founder and Director of Co-Parenting Matters Ltd. I have extensive experience as an expert in the preparation of reports for Court in Public and Private Law Proceedings where there is a resist – refuse dynamic or contact difficulties with children of separated parents. I have a private clinical practice as a Specialist Systemic Family Therapist in Guildford, Surrey and in Totnes, Devon. I offer bespoke and tailored high conflict therapeutic interventions, and therapeutic viability assessments as a SJE. I am a registered social worker with 38 years’ experience in child protection, adult mental health, (warranted under 1983 MHA) with 20 years’ experience as a clinician in child and adolescent mental health CAMHS. I am a legally registered social worker with CORU in Ireland and am available to work within this jurisdiction.

Jeffrey Baker


I am an Independent social worker with 20+ years’ experience working with children and families. I also have 5 years training and clinical supervision as a psychotherapist in New York. I have acted as a Children’s Guardian(Cafcass), Local Authority team manager, IRO/child protection conference chair and LADO; As an expert witness I have filed Section 7 reports and Parenting assessments and given evidence in every family court in Greater London and in many around the country; in both private and public law proceedings. I provide supported, facilitated and supervision of contact, consultations for separated parents and psychosocial interventions with families.

Lynda Beat


After qualifying as a social worker in 1983 I have worked as a local authority social worker including in specialist mental health and child protection teams for 9 years. I have worked as a counsellor for the London Rape Crisis Centre, for the Pregnancy Advisory Service and for the NSPCC helpline. I was team manager in a local social services office for 4 years and have worked as a social worker for CAMHS. I have a particular interest in parents who have learning disability, depression and drug and alcohol difficulties. Since 1995 I have worked as a children’s guardian and since 2006 have acted as an independent social work expert providing assessments of carers and looking at contact disputes in private law proceedings.