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From Active Participants to Passive Auditors: Nagalro's concerns about the diminishing role of the Children's Guardian

21 Oct 2019

Introduction Applications to remove or replace the children’s guardian are rare enough.  A successful application, rarer still.  The decision of Mrs Justice Theis, in LR v A Local Authority & Others [2019] EWFC 49 (Fam), in which the court... Read more

Response President’s consultation Best Practice Child Protection

Recommendations to achieve best practice in the child protection and family justice systems

30 Sep 2019

Nagalro welcomes the opportunity to respond to this consultation and thanks the various working groups for their work and their recommendations. In general terms, we welcome the recommendations and believe practice would be greatly enhanced if the... Read more

IAC response to consultation on revised safeguarding Guidance

Working Together to Safeguard Children

24 Sep 2019

INTERDISCIPLINARY ALLIANCE FOR CHILDREN GOVERNMENT CONSULTATION ON REVISED SAFEGUARDING GUIDANCE Working Together to Safeguard Children Framework for the Assessment of Children in Need and their Families1 Download full response here Read more

Nagalro Press Release raising concern about the role of the Guardian

04 Sep 2019

Nagalro is concerned that Cafcass public statements have disseminated inaccurate information on its website, which appear to dilute the role of the Children’s Guardian and minimise their legal obligations. A number of recent judgments have... Read more

Response to President's Guidance on reporting in Family Courts

02 Jul 2019

Response by Nagalro to the Presiden'ts draft Guidance to reporting in the Family Courts 2 July 2019 Download consultation here Read more

Social Workers and Children's Guardians in the family justice system

A research based future

21 May 2019

A talk by Sir James Munby at the 30th anniversary celebration of Nagalro at Gray’s Inn on 21 May 2019 Download presentation here Read more

Response Social Work England Consultations

01 May 2019

SWE Fitness to Practice Rules - 2019 Download Response fitness to practise pdf SWE Professional Standards - 2019 Download Response professional standards pdf SWE Qualifying Education and Training Standards - 2019 Download Response... Read more

On-going ISW pay Freeze endangers most vulnerable children

29 Apr 2019

This month the Legal Aid Agency reissued its Guidance on the Remuneration of Expert Witnesses1. This document, together with regulations made in 2013, fix the payments which can be made by the Legal Aid Agency where experts prepare reports for the... Read more

Review of anonymised judgments on Bailii: Children, privacy and ‘jigsaw identification’

01 Oct 2018

A review of anonymised judgments on Bailii: Children, privacy and ‘jigsaw identification’ Julia Brophy, with Kate Perry and Eleanor Harrison  Download document here October 2015 Read more

Practice Direction 27a – Family Proceedings: court bundles

31 Jul 2018 31 July 2018 Read more

Nagalro Guide to the Cafcass Professional Time Guidance 2019

How to Interpret and Lawfully apply Cafcass' 'Draft Guidance on the use of Professional Time

25 Jul 2018

Download document here Read more

Nagalro Press Release re Nagalro Guide to the Cafcass Professional Time Guidance

25 Jul 2018

Cafcass and Cafcass Cymru’s ‘Draft Guidance on the Use of Professional Time to Benefit Children’ came to Nagalro’s attention a year ago. Here, Judith Timms OBE, Nagalro Policy Consultant, explains the decisive action Nagalro has taken to air... Read more

Nagalro Joins Voices Condemning FDAC National Unit Closure

13 Jul 2018

Nagalro Joins Voices Condemning FDAC National Unit Closure Download consultation here  Read more

President’s Guidance: Listing Final Hearings in Adoption cases

20 Apr 2018 10 April 2018 Read more

Child Welfare professionals warn of unacceptable risks arising from time managed Cafcass Policies

10 Apr 2018

LEADING CHILD WELFARE PROFESSIONALS WARN OF UNACCEPTABLE RISKS ARISING FROM TIME MANAGED CAFCASS POLICIES For immediate release on 10 April 2018 Nagalro and seventeen other professional bodies and individuals have issued a Joint Position... Read more

Contact: a point of view

Lord Justice McFarlane

05 Mar 2018

Speech by Lord Justice McFarlane at the Nagalro Annual Conference 2018 Keynote Address: Contact: a point of view Download speech here Read more

Response to the FRG Care Crisis Review

A sector-led review of the rise in applications for care orders

15 Jan 2018

Nagalro Response to Care Crisis Review - A sector-led review of the rise in applications for Care orders and the number of children in care facilitated by Family Rights Group Download response here Read more

Response proposed amendment to bundles: PD-PD 27A

15 Sep 2016