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Important Information about ISWs and Legal Aid

Important Information about ISWs and Legal Aid

04 July 2024 (Last updated: 4 Jul 2024 20:01)

Since April 2023 Nagalro has been attempting to discuss with the Ministry of Justice (Legal Aid Agency) the issue of the hourly rates payable to ISWs in cases where the fees are paid through the Legal Aid Agency.  We have been asking the LAA and MoJ to (at the very least) align legal aid rates with Cafcass rates which appeared to have diverged after Cafcass raised their rate on 1 May 2022.  The three letters/emails are the final part of the correspondence and deal with:

  *   the rates to be paid to ISWs in legally aided cases;

  *   the dates from which the new rates apply; and

  *   how to apply for additional payments if you have sent out invoices at the lower (pre- 1 May 2022) rate.

Below you can read 3 communications with the LAA including their response to us.