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Trauma Informed Practice and its relevance to court assessments

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Trauma Informed Practice and its relevance to court assessments’

Monday, 7 March 2022, 9.30 am – 1.30 pm


What do we mean by trauma?  And how should our understanding inform our practice and our assessments?  The Conference will offer an opportunity for professionals to focus on ways in which trauma and re-traumatising events influence behaviours and responses in children -and families - and it’s relevance to our recommendations and decisions for their futures.

Chair of the Conference:  Conference Chair: Dr. John Simmonds, OBE, Director of Policy, Research & Development at CoramBAAF. Dr. Simmonds currently is responsible for CoramBAAF’s contribution to the development of policy and practice in social work, health, the law and social work.


  • Mary Sharpe, Founding Chair of The Reward Foundation and its current Chief Executive Officer.  Ms Sharpe is an Associate member of St. Edmund’s College and Lucy Cavendish College Cambridge, and formerly a Solicitor and Advocate in Scotland and at the European Commission in Brussels. The Reward Foundation campaigns to reduce children's easy access to internet pornography, with research indicating damage to children's brains at a vulnerable stage of brain development.
  • Professor David Shemmings, OBE, Emeritus Professor of Child Protection Research, University of Kent, and Visiting Professor, Royal Holloway, University of London. Professor Shemmings has written many books, chapters and articles on relationally based social work theory, research & practice, & leads the Advanced Child Protection stream within the West London Alliance Post Qualifying Initiative involving 8 London Boroughs. He directs the Attachment and Relationship-based Practice training in 40 child protection organisations across the UK & Europe.
  • Mohamed Mohamed, a former Care leaver, is studying for a BA in Criminology, and currently he is working on his thesis..
  • Dr. Lynn Brady, Independent Person for Children Act Complaints and Advocate Interviewer. Lynn will be alongside Mohamed as his support for his presentation.


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