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Families Need Fathers Parental Alienation Conference: Some Reflections

I do not usually have to cross a picket line to attend a conference, so that was a something new. Families Need... Read more

‘I am more than how you see me…’: Impressions from the Voice of the Child Conference 2017

On 27 July 2017, I had the privilege of attending the Family Justice Young People’s Board, Voice of the Child... Read more

A Woman, a Dog and a Walnut Tree…

The old proverb would tell us that ‘…the more you beat them, the better they be’.  Similar verse advises parents... Read more

‘Do as I Say – Not as I Do’ – Hypocrisy and Double Standards in Young Offender Institutes

If the parents of a child, by way of punishment for bad behaviour, confined that child to a ‘dark, dirty, poorly lit... Read more