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Nagalro October 2020 Conference

'The Toxic Trio and Child Protection - Tools rather than Labels'

Monday 5 October 2020 in London

The term “Toxic Trio” in child protection, is often used to describe instances where there is domestic abuse, parent substance misuse and / or parent mental health issues.  Research has shown that more and more children are living in families where all three factors are present.
This conference will look behind the raw numbers and examine what this means in reality.  What does ‘toxic trio’ mean and how should professionals including social workers, Guardians and lawyers approach this area of work both in a humane manner and in a way that can offer protection to children?
Chair of the Conference:  Jerry Bull, Family Law Solicitor and Director Atkins Hope Solicitors who has extenisve experience in complex legal work with children and families.
The contributors to the conference will include leading practitioners from the Domestic Violence, Mental health and Addiction fields as well as representatives from the legal profession
Further details to come!


Nagalro October 2019 Conference

'Identification and Intervention for exploited Children and Young People'

Monday 7 October 2019 in London


This conference looks at the exploitation and sexual abuse of children and young people from different perspectives.  Our speakers will address the following topics:

  • the identification of abuse and methods of intervention
  • the use of internet grooming when it occurs online and how it differs from offline abuse, methods used and the impact on child victims
  • working with victims on the impact of abuse they have suffered
  • a legal/criminal perspective
  • interventions to enable recovery for abused young people
Chair of the Conference:  Christina Blacklaws, Family Law Solicitor and Present of The Law Society for England and Wales 2018 - 2019.
Speakers include
  • Nazir Afzal OBE, former Chief Prosecutor for CPS in NW England and now adviser on Government safety
  • Jenny Brennan, Child Protection Adviser and James Houghton Group Manager, Children's Safeguarding Unit West Sussex County Council
  • Lucy Knell-Taylor, Redthread Youth:ViolenceIntervention Programme
  • Tink Palmer MBE and CE Marie Collins Foundation.
  • Dr John Pitts, Vauxhall Professor Socio-legal studies at the University of Bedfordshire and a visting Professor of Criminology at Universities of Suffolk and Kent