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Nagalro Spring 2018 Conference

'Contact:  In Whose Best Interests?'

 12 March 2018 in London

Contact between children and their parents, siblings and wider family is one of the thorniest issues that the Family Court has to grapple with on a daily basis.  How much is enough? What is too much? Can there be direct contact after adoption? When and how can that take place? Can contact be used to support an adoptive placement?  When will it undermine it? This conference will address current issues in both theory and practice pre proceedings and in permanency in the light of the impact of recent research and social media.
Conference Chair:  Lord Justice McFarlane, Lord Justice Appeal in England and Wales
Speakers include
  • Cathy Ashley
  • Gill Gorell-Barnes
  • Pamela Scriven QC
  • John Simmonds
  • Joanne Tarbutt
  • June Thoburn





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