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Types of Membership

 Join Nagalro

to get all the benefits of a small, friendly organisation with a big reputation:

  • Become a member of a national professional body committed to maintaining and improving professional standards in work with children, families and courts. 
  • Special rates for our training and conferences.
  • Membership gives you the opportunity to contribute to debate and policy development and support our valuable work.
There are 3 types of membership which are:


 Full Membership - Who can join:

Registered social workers

Full members must be registered as a social worker with a regulatory body such as Social Work England (SWE), the Care Council in Wales, the Scottish Social Services Council, the Northern Ireland Social Care Council or CORU in Ireland and they must adhere to the requirements and standards of professional conduct and practice set out by their regulatory body.  Full membership of Nagalro includes professional indemnity and public liability insurance cover, each for £10 million. The joining fee is detailed in the application form.  Applicants from outside UK banking system are to contact the Nagalro office at


Download Full Member application form here


 Associate Membership - Who can join:

People who support Nagalro’s aims and objectives e.g. family lawyers, researchers, academics, children’s services managers.


  • High quality Nagalro training and conferences at reduced rates

  • Nagalro’s journal ‘Seen and Heard
  • Access to Nagalro’s email message forum
  • Reduced fees for second and third members joining from one firm/organisation

Download application form here


Retired Membership - Who can join:

Full members of Nagalro who have ceased professional work


Application: Contact Nagalro office


Journal only:

To subscribe to Nagalro’s journal Seen & Heard - contact Nagalro office.

Tel: 01372 818504



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