• The Children's Guardian and Me

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  • What is a Children’s Guardian?

    The court has been asked to make an important decision about your life - where you should live and who you should see. The children’s guardian job is to help the judge to make the best decision for you. 


  • What does the guardian do?

    Your guardian will ask you how you feel about things.  They will talk to other people who know you - like your parents, relatives, your teacher and your social worker.

    Do remember to tell your guardian if there is anyone else that you would like them to talk to.


  • You have a solicitor who speaks for you at court.  This solicitor works closely with your guardian.

    Your guardian tells your solicitor what you want and what needs to happen. Often they
    will bring your solicitor to meet you. 


  • You may meet other people who will help the judge such as:


  • The guardian will write a report for the court. It will say what you want to happen and what the guardian thinks will be best for you. Talk to your guardian if you would like to write a letter or draw a picture for the judge.

    The guardian's report also tells the judge how you are, whether you or your family need any special support, or need to see anyone else.

    Your parents and social worker will also read the reports.



  • What happens next?

    The judge will listen to everyone, including your parents.  The judge will then make up his or her mind about what is best for you. Once the judge has made their decision the guardian’s job has finished. 

    The guardian will come to tell you what the judge has decided and will say goodbye.


  • Do make sure you tell your solicitor and guardian what you want the judge to know. 


    Produced for Nagalro by Julia Hughes, Children’s Guardian.