MoJ issues guidance on potentially unreliable toxicology reports

Trimega Laboratories and Randox Testing Services
The Ministry of Justice has issued guidance for those who may be affected by the police investigation into potential manipulation of forensic toxicology test results at the above two companies. Without commenting on the on-going criminal investigation, the Ministry says that it is currently treating test results from these companies as ‘potentially unreliable’. No other laboratories are thought to be affected.
Trimega Laboratories, who were one of the pioneers of hair strand testing, carried out these tests between 2010 and April 2014. People who believe that a test carried out by Trimega Laboratories materially affected decisions made about their children are urged to seek legal advice. Where a person wishes to have their case reviewed, a special form of application (C650) has been created. No court fee is payable if this form is used to seek a review.