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Council Members
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Duties and Responsibilities of the Council and the Officers

Officers and Council members of Nagalro take part in many other social work related activities, aside from their work as Children's Guardians, ISWs, family placement specialists, therapists etc.

Being a Council member may inform or enhance these other roles and vice versa. However, when a member has a personal interest in an activity in which Nagalro has a current role which is not related to their official Nagalro role, it is essential that the Council is informed and that no approaches are made to another organisation which could represent a conflict of interest either for the member or for Nagalro. Such personal interests, which may involve research, consultation or training, should be advised to the Council prior to any outside undertaking.

Nagalro Officers

Gretchen Precey - Chair

     Gretchen Precey is an Independent Social Worker, trainer and consultant specialising in child protection. She qualified in social work in 1977 and has worked in a variety of local authorities on Children and Families Teams. Prior to leaving Children’s Services in 1999 to establish her own company, Gretchen was Team Manager at the Clermont Child Protection Unit in Brighton. She now does training throughout the country on various aspects of child protection work, mainly with multi-agency groups, as well as facilitation and consultation and direct work with children and families via assessments commissioned in court proceedings. Her main clinical interests of work are assessing risk and promoting the welfare with disabled children and their families and assessment of mothers where there are concerns about Fabricated or Induced Illness.

Sukchandan Kaur - Treasurer

  Sukhchandan is an Independent Social Worker based in the Midlands. She also works as a Children's Guardian and is a member of the Seen &Heard Editorial Board

Julia Isikwe Hughes - Secretary

After spending five years as a local authority social worker in a Children and Families' team, Julia began working as a Children's Guardian in London and Surrey in 1995. She has been a mentor for Guardians since 2000. Julia is also an integrative psychotherapist. She continues to take work from Cafcass as a self employed contractor in London and Surrey. Julia also works in freelance independent social work, and undertakes training for Guardians, solicitors and social workers, on race, identity and immigration matters. Her specialist areas of interest are issues of race, culture and identity, working with black families - particularly those from West Africa - as well as direct work with children. Julia was appointed to the Nagalro Council in 2008.

Members of Nagalro Council:

Jane Andrews - Midlands

 Jane Andrews was coopted onto Nagalro Council in July 2014

Pete Bentley - North East

Pete joined Nagalro Council in October 2016.

Paul Bishop - South West

Paul Bishop was appointed to Nagalro Council in October 2014.  Paul qualified as a Social Worker in 1977.  He worked for Local Authorities (North Wales, London and Devon) until 1991.  He largely worked with children and families but he has significant experience as a Mental Health Social Worker, and an Approved Social Worker; as well as being a Counsellor at a residential alcohol and drug addiction treatment centre.  Paul was one of the first Guardian-ad-Litem and Reporting Officers, being appointed to the South West London Panel in 1984.  From 1991 he has worked in the Family Courts as a Family Court Welfare Officer, Children’s Guardian, Family Court Advisor and since 2011 as an Independent Social Worker, based in South Devon.  Paul has substantial experience of Private and Public Family Law work and as an ISW he undertakes a variety or work both within the Family Justice System, and outside of it.   Paul was National Vice-Chair of Napo from 2007 to 2011 and was the lead national officer for Family Court members (Cafcass practitioners and Service Managers) for both Professional Association and Trade Unio

Bev Hendricks - Essex

Bev Hendricks has worked for some 25 years in Children Social Care, Cafcass and within the private sector developing niche projects and conducting organisational diagnostics.  As an ISW she has delivered training and acted as a mentor and coach for newly qualified social workers.  As a front line worker and manager together with knowledge of working across the health and the private sector Bev brings significant experience to Nagalro Council.

Kathy Butcher - London

 Kathy has been a Children's Guardian in London since 1986. Before that she worked as a social worker in mental health, then with children and families. Eventually she took a post as a Principal Officer managing homes for children, day nurseries and family centres. Kathy established a family centre jointly between the local authority and National Children's Homes. Currently she is a senior lecturer in public sector management and human resource management. Kathy joined Nagalro's Council to work towards the enhancement and development of the role of the guardian and to influence developments of the service. She has taken part in organising training and conferences for guardians.

Margaret Payne - South East

I have a first class degree in Social Anthropology from Univ. Manchester. Social work qualifications from Univ. Birmingham. Advanced Cert SW Children &Families from UEA.  Began SW career as a SW with Birmingham City Council in 1976 and have worked continuously in Children and Family work since that time up to the present including 30 years as a Children’s Guardian, 37 years as a LA SW and ISW. My particular interest is kinship placement.  I am the mother of 2 daughters and have 2 grandchildren and have been a primary school governor for 26 years.

Sam Baeza - South East

Sam qualified as a social worker in 1988.  He worked for Hounslow, East and West Sussex as a social worker.  From 1997 to 2001 he was employed by West Sussex County Council as County Risk Management Specialist working with adults who had been referred by Social Services, Probation and the Police for Risk Assessments as a result of allegations of/convictions for child abuse.  He qualified as a Forensic Psychologist in 1999.  Sam joined the Lucy Faithfull Foundation in 2001 working as a Senior Clinical Therapist at the Wolvercote Clinic the only residential clinic treating child sex offenders in the country.  From August 2003 until February 2006 he worked as a Child Protection Adviser for West Sussex County Council acting as Independent Chair at Child Protection Conferences and offering advice to Social Workers in all aspects of Child Protection.  Since February 2006 Sam has been a Senior Lecturer at Chichester University, teaching within the Social Work Department, specialising in Child Protection.  He offers consultation and training to various teams and carries out independent risk assessments in child protection cases

Sarah Saunders - South East

A longstanding member of Nagalro, this is the second time Sarah has been on Council.  The first time Sarah was involved in setting up the Nagalro Directory of ISWs and also in the Nagalro Starter Pack for ISWs.  She returns to Council in October 2016 brining extensive experience of ISW work, court work and her work as a Child Protection Advisor.  She is passionate about high quality assessment and good outcomes for children.


Service Providers

  • Editor of Seen and Heard: Rodney Noon
  • Principal Administrator:  Karen Harris
  • Policy Consultant:  Judith Timms
  • Policy Consultant:  Ann Haigh

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