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  • Ensure children’s voices are heard
  • Promote high standards of professional practice
  • Influence social policy that benefits children
  • Support and advise individual members

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    11 March 2019 | Nagalro Spring 2019 conference

    11 March 2019 at Woburn House, London, WC1H 9HQ
    This conference looks at the impact of children and young people of failures to protect them from many years of persistent neglect.  These are the children who, for whatever reason, were not removed from home and continued to struggle to care for themselves and sometimes other siblings to survive in a situation where the adults could not, or would not, keep them safe and secure.  Courts have to be mindful of the child/young person's human right to family life. How can this be balanced against the known impacts on children living in neglectful families?
    Neglect, whether it is caused by parental poverty, substance abuse, or mental illness, is one of the most significant causes of children becoming looked after.  Nationally a huge cohort of young people are subject to child protections plans under the category of neglect.  This conference looks at the fate of those for whom there was no ‘seat in the lifeboat’ and who have struggled to care for themselves in a world which seemed, at best, indifferent; at worst exploitative. 

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