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  • Ensure children’s voices are heard
  • Promote high standards of professional practice
  • Influence social policy that benefits children
  • Support and advise individual members

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  • Our Next Conference

    05 October 2020 | Nagalro Autumn Conference

    The Toxic Trio - Handle with Care
    Monday, 5 October 2020, 10.30 am – 4.30 pm
    The importance of building a much broader and more nuanced understanding of risk in instances where there is domestic abuse, parent substance misuse and / or parent mental health issues.  How do we keep our focus on the impact on the child, carefully examine such complex evidence, and keep an open mind to other potential risks?
    This conference will look behind the raw numbers and examine what this means in reality.  What does ‘toxic trio’ mean and how should professionals including social workers, Guardians and lawyers approach this area of work both in a humane manner and in a way that can offer protection to children?
    The conference will hear from leading professionals who work in this field and will be chaired byMr Jerry Bull a Director with Atkins Hope Solicitors who has extensive experience in complex legal work with children and families.
    Chair of the Conference:  Jerry Bull, Child Care Solicitor
    The contributors to the conference will include leading practitioners from the Domestic Violence, Mental health and Addiction fields as well as representatives from the legal profession

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