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    09 October 2017 |

    on 9 October 2017 in London
    Court proceedings involving the future of children are coming under increased pressure as the numbers of applications increase and the requirements of the PLO put pressure on timescales.  There is a danger that the voice of the child becomes increasingly marginalized in the process.  It is imperative that child welfare professionals remain vigilant in ensuring that children’s views are ascertained and included in reaching decisions that can affect the rest of the child’s life.  This conference will provide a platform for debate where some of these concerns can be examined.  Among the topics included will be the role of the Children’s Guardian and child’s solicitor in helping the child's voice to be heard, the conduct of ABE interviews and their use in public and private law cases as well as in criminal proceedings, extending the right to be heard to refugee and asylum seeking children and ensuring that disabled children and young people have equal opportunities to be listened to in court proceedings.
    Chair of the conference: The Rt Hon Sir James Munby, President of the Family Division
    Speakers include:
    Sheila Melzak          Child Psychotherapist and Director of the Baobab Centre for Young Survivors in Exile
    Jennifer Lynch        Family Justice Young People’s Board Co-ordinator and supported by a FJYP Board member
    Ruth Marchant        Co-director of Triangle
    Rodney Noon         Solicitor/Advocate in Child and Family Law and editor of Seen and Heard
    Debbie Singleton   Director of Legal Services (Family) NYAS

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